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Why We Don't Recommend Selling through Your Park Manager

Don’t make the mistake that many residents make when they want to sell their home.

Park managers are not commissioned salespeople, they normally don’t work weekends, some leave at 3, others earlier. It’s not a good idea. Park managers do a great job at keeping order in the community, keeping the place edged, trimmed, looking nice and are there to handle resident problems. That in itself is a full-time job. The first of the month most are tied up collecting, ledgering and depositing hundreds of lot rent checks they receive. They don’t have time to show your home, email leads or market your house. In fact, they wont market, they just wait and hope for people to “walk-in”. What is the urgency to sell your home fast? Let me ask you some questions….

  1. Do you auto debit your Lot Rent payment?

  2. Are you loud? Rowdy? Get complaints?

  3. Is your yard beautiful?

  4. Do you have plenty of friends and neighbors?

If you answered yes to #1, 3, 4 and NO to #2…. You’re the perfect resident!!

There is no urgency because you pay Lot Rent if you sell it or not. They have no skin in the game!!

Sunbelt Home Sales specializes in community sales on leased land for this specific reason.

Now you have a choice. Choose the person who will work 7 days to sell your home as fast as possible. Choose the company that will spend money from day one to bring buyers to your home.

Choose Sunbelt Home Sales Inc to sell your home and save time, money, and hassle.


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