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Get a Cash Offer for Your Manufactured Home

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Sell Your Home to Us. Get Paid Fast!

Whether you're relocating for a job or need to move quickly due to a life-changing circumstance, SunBelt may be able to make a cash offer for your manufactued home. We always pay you a fair market value and our team has the ability to inspect your home and purchase it within the same day.


Skip Repairs, Cleanups & Showings

Leave your home the way it is. We'll take care of everything once you hand over the keys – including all the expenses.

How to Sell Your Manufactured Home to Us


Tell Us About Your Home

Get started by providing our team with photos, answering a few questions, and providing details that give us immeidate insight on your property.


Get a Home Evaluation

We'll come to you and evaluate the condition of your home to provide you with the best estimate for your home and possibly an offer.


Close Easily & Get Paid

Once you accept our offer, pick a moving day, and we’ll handle the paperwork and the closing of your house – getting you paid within a few days. 


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Selling to SunBelt vs. Traditional Sale

SunBelt Cash Offer

We'll buy the home and take on the expenses immediately. You're done!

Avoid wasting time with home preparation and showings.

Save money by letting us take care of the repair work.

Get a competitive cash offer and sell your home us all in the same day!

Traditional Sale

List your home and wait for potentional buyers to make an offer.

Manage home cleanup and cover any home repair costs.

Manage home cleanup and cover any home repair costs.

Normal selling process can take longer – days, weeks, or even months!

"I needed to get rid of my home quickly. Ed Salvatore old me straight up what he could do and how hard he would work to get it done. I signed with him and we closed on the sale yesterday. Only three weeks since I signed! I would highly recommend Ed to list your home. He is a straight up guy!"

– Chance Hake

Get a Cash Offer for Your Manufactured Home

  • How long does the selling process take typically?
    It normally takes 3 days but we can do it as early as the same day. We have to check the title for liens, and if your in a community we have to check with the park manager that there is no balance.
  • What if I have a lein on my house?
    No worries! We'll research the title, handle the payoff with your lender, and pay you the remaining balance.
  • If I sell to SunBelt, how much time do I have to move out?"
    As long as you need!! whatever is comfortable for you!
  • Would I have to clean and handle any repairs for sale?
    No we will handle everything. It would cost you more and you may not have the resources we have to do it quick and efficiently. So in a nutshell, you'll net more and have no hassles if we just buy your home "as is."
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