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Take the Guessing Out of Selling

Our goal is to provide a selling experience you love. We list your home, find prequalified buyers and escort them to your property. When they say yes, we will escrow a deposit, put you in a contract that protects your interest, and handle the entire transaction, every step of the way. We create a win-win atmosphere for you and the buyer


Have Us Take Care of Everything

Leave the work to us, all you have to do is pack. Feel confident that we'll handle all the details, from escrow, to contract, to close! We've sold thousands of homes just like yours.

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Marketing that Makes Your Home Stand Out

Extraordinary social and internet marketing to target specific buyers to your home.

A professional listing on our website that makes your home stand out and get noticed.

Creative designs, professional ads on local radio, newspapers, magazines, and billboards.

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Get the Knowledge to Sell with Confidence

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Why Choose SunBelt Over a Realtor


Why You Shouldn't Sell with Your Park Manager

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“Sunbelt just recently helped us sell our home and we couldn’t have had a better experience. David and his staff were very knowledgeable, attentive, friendly, and courteous. Our sale went through without a hitch. We would definitely recommend SunBelt Home Sales if you're looking to purchase or sell your mobile home.”

– Evie Messineo

Get Started on Listing Your Manufactured Home

  • How long does the selling process take typically?
    It normally takes 3 days but we can do it as early as the same day. We have to check the title for liens, and if your in a community we have to check with the park manager that there is no balance.
  • What if I have a lein on my house?
    No worries! We'll research the title, handle the payoff with your lender, and pay you the remaining balance.
  • If I sell to SunBelt, how much time do I have to move out?"
    As long as you need!! whatever is comfortable for you!
  • Would I have to clean and handle any repairs for sale?
    No we will handle everything. It would cost you more and you may not have the resources we have to do it quick and efficiently. So in a nutshell, you'll net more and have no hassles if we just buy your home "as is."
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