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Our goal is to provide a selling experience you love. We list your home, find prequalified buyers and escort them to your property. When they say yes, we will escrow a deposit, put you in a contract that protects your interest, and handle the entire transaction, every step of the way. We create a win-win atmosphere for you and the buyer


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Leave the work to us, all you have to do is pack. Feel confident that we'll handle all the details, from escrow, to contract, to close! We've sold thousands of homes just like yours.

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Extraordinary social and internet marketing to target specific buyers to your home.

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Creative designs, professional ads on local radio, newspapers, magazines, and billboards.

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“Sunbelt just recently helped us sell our home and we couldn’t have had a better experience. David and his staff were very knowledgeable, attentive, friendly, and courteous. Our sale went through without a hitch. We would definitely recommend SunBelt Home Sales if you're looking to purchase or sell your mobile home.”

– Evie Messineo

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Frequently Asked Questions

How will SunBelt market my property?

In every way possible! We are strong on all manufactured home and real estate websites, including the MLS,, Zillow, just to name a few. We also will feature your home on our radio show and our website and will be automatically emailed out to everyone who signed up for our new listing mailing list. In addition, we will promote you on social media, including Facebook and Instagram. That's not all – you will be in our local newspapers and magazines. We've got you covered!

What is my manufactured home worth?

Great question. Each community has its own unique market. Luckily, our years of data, our current smartwatch data, and an experienced agent will determine the market value. Here are some hints: 1. If you own a home on a lake, canal, pond, or open space, your home will sell over market value. 2. If you have a home in a high lot rent community, the home will sell lower, and you can buy lower. 3. If you have a home in a low lot rent community, the home will sell higher, and you will buy higher.

Why should I list with SunBelt?

You should list with SunBelt because we are a manufactured home company specializing in factory-built housing. We have manufactured home buyers wanting to buy your home today!

How long does the selling process typically take?

In today's market, the selling process can be 30 minutes after listing your home for up to 30 days. Most of our homes go under contract in 15 days or less. If your home is on the market after 30 days, you will go into a review process, and we will figure out why and make sure we do all we can to sell it in the next 30 days.