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Buying from Out-of-State?

Florida heat and sunshine is great, unless you spend days and days in it looking at inventory! Temperatures can range in the mid 90s with high humidity most days.

In the good old days, before internet, we were only marketing to our local area. Someone would call about a home, and we would show them 4 other homes that would match up best.

Well, we still make matches, just not in the same way. We are like a dating site now, ha ha!

You get to view plenty of homes, and when you fall in love with your home, and you're out of state, we can help you feel confident in purchasing it.

Finding your dream home doesn’t have to be a sweaty hassle any longer – view all our inventory from the comfort of your living room wherever you are and if you want to purchase one from out-of-state, here is how.

  1. Virtual Showings - First call the agent and ask for a virtual showing. We can FaceTime, Zoom, or send you videos and pictures. I recommend live FaceTime or Zoom, then you can ask questions along the way.

  2. Contract - If that’s the home you want to buy, tell your agent you want to make an offer. They will prepare our simple to read and understand one page contract through DocuSign so you can easily review and sign the contract from the convenience of your home. Then just send us a picture of your drivers license.

  3. Home Inspections - Our company policy is to facilitate a home inspection for anyone buying a home from afar. It's even in our contract. This will give you a detailed list of all the little items that may need attention. We want you to feel fully confident in your remote purchase.

  4. Deposits - Once the contract is completed and they accept your offer, you will have 48 hours to wire transfer or overnight a deposit for the home. Most deposits are $2,500.00. If you fail to overnight the deposit timely, the home will not be held up and can sell quickly to someone else.

  5. Set to Close - Once the deposit is received, we have to fill out any and all necessary community applications. This may take a few days. After the community gives you a thumbs up, we will order the inspection and you get to review it. If there is something on the inspection you are not happy with, just let us know, and you'll be able to cancel your sale and we will quickly refund your deposit or apply it to another home. Lastly, if you decide to move forward with the purchase, we will send you a closing statement of how much will need to be wired on closing day.

  6. Closing Day – Closing day has arrived! Your funds have been wired and we will send you a few more documents to be signed and that’s it! We handle everything else like title transfers, paying the sales tax, and you can come to Florida and take possession at your convenience. We’ll have the home ready for you.

If you're out-of-state and want more information about buying a manufactured home in beautiful Central Florida, we're here to help!

Get in touch with our expert agents to learn more about our process, available listings, and more.


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