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Do This to Earn 20% More for Your Home

Explore tips for preparing your manufactured home to sell.

Getting ready to sell your home? Hey, you’re retired, so putting in little elbow grease and few bucks can really help maximize your profits.

Not everybody has the will or physical ability to do it themselves, if you can pay someone, do it. You must think of it like this… your home is going in a Super Bowl commercial! The world is going to see it. Are you going to show it off with dirty screens and half dead landscaping?? No way!! We recommend doing as much as you can.

Current retirees don’t want projects when they first move here. On the other side of that coin, they may be interested if they feel the house was well cared for.

How to Prepare Your Manufactured Home to Sell

The Outside

  • Pressure wash the house. If you have a roof over, it should clean right up. If not, you should think of sealing it with an elastomeric coating. Clean looking roofs are important.

  • If the AC is older, clean the unit and even paint it.

  • Clean the gutters and downspouts and make the front of the house sparkle and shine.

  • We also recommend new mulch and a few plants to add color and zest to the front for curb appeal.

The Inside

  • Kitchens sell!! If you can save the countertops, paint in there and change the backsplash if need be. That will go a long way.

  • If the cabinets are beat up, paint them too!

  • Make sure your floors are solid and everything works and disclose it if it doesn’t.

  • Like to paint? Good! Keep painting!! Making things look clean and fresh should be your priority. We often tell someone to have a deep professional cleaning and if there are carpets, clean them too.

  • Leaky faucet? Drip, drip, drip ? Hardware loose? Toilet doesn’t flush correctly? Get the minor stuff done if you can, but if you find you have a soft spot, get it fixed before it goes on the market.

  • Something else you need to do is clear the clutter. Start having garage sales, go through things and throw away things that are old, broken, or no longer useful.

Remember, we are getting things ready for a commercial! Having the leg lamp and shaggy lampshade from “A Christmas Story ” on the end table, probably isn’t a good idea, ha ha!

A clean, fresh-scented, and organized home may earn you 20 percent more in a listing price.

The best way to do this is plan, plan, plan. Don’t put your home on the market until it’s ready.

Sunbelt Homes can assist you with repairs and listing the home, just give us a call.


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