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Florida's Mobile Home Resale Market: SunBelt Tips for Getting the Best Return on Your Investment

In sunny Florida, the mobile home market is booming. It's easy to see why. With housing prices skyrocketing nationwide, people are making their long-desired dream of Florida life a reality by investing in a mobile home. There is profit to be made by savvy mobile home resellers, and the timing has never been better. 

Partnering with SunBelt Home Sales and taking advantage of our decades of experience in this niche market is also a savvy move. We'll share our extensive knowledge to help you navigate this unique landscape and make sound investment decisions. 

Why Florida's Mobile Home Market Sizzles 

The mobile home resale market continues to thrive as buyers discover their affordability. Throw in Florida's incredible climate, community amenities, and retiree-friendly environment, you have a golden opportunity to sell quickly. The eco-friendliness of mobile homes and financing flexibility also contribute to this robust market. 

What's the Difference Between Mobile and Manufactured Homes? 

According to The Department of Housing and Urban Development or HUD, a factory-built home before June 15, 1976, is a mobile home, and one built after June 15, 1976, is a manufactured home. Both types fall under the "mobile home" category but have different resale conditions to consider. 

Homes constructed before 1976 had different construction regulations than those manufactured after that year. 

Mobile/Manufactured Home Value: How to Determine 

Several factors come into play when determining Florida mobile home resale value. Location, condition, size, age, and price of comparables are included. An expert market analysis by a local mobile home specialist can help you price your home advantageously to sell quickly. 

Pricing Your Mobile/Manufactured Home 

Resellers often make the mistake of overpricing their mobile homes. But as eager to profit as you may be, it's crucial to price competitively and offer perks such as listing your home as furnished or offering various financing options. Remember, overpricing your home helps others sell theirs. 

Florida Mobile Home Resale Checklist 

  • For a smooth mobile home resale, follow this checklist: 

  • Get familiar with the legal requirements for selling a mobile home in Florida. 

  • Request a pre-listing mobile home appraisal. 

  • Hire a professional to conduct a home inspection. 

  • Research mobile home financing options for interested buyers.

  • Familiarize yourself with mobile home resale market trends. 

  • Create a strategy for maximizing resale value by making repairs, improvements, or staging. 

  • Partner with a mobile home sales specialist for expert guidance 


Get the best ROI in Florida's mobile home market by researching industry nuances, pricing competitively, and partnering with a local mobile home specialist with experience. Following these steps, you'll avoid common pitfalls and enjoy a quick sale and tidy profit in the Sunshine State. 

Ready to Profit in Florida's Mobile Home Resale Market? Call Us! 

Making money as a mobile home reseller in Florida is possible and easy when you partner with the expert team at SunBelt Home Sales. Our decades of market experience and pool of ready buyers worldwide will be the advantage you need to sell fast. 

We have the right marketing strategies that work in this fast-paced market and can help you partner with professionals to expedite the sales process. We handle all the paperwork while you enjoy the rewards of your investment. 

Contact Us 

Let us put our expertise in Florida's mobile home market to work for you – we'll make your selling experience a breeze. Contact our helpful team today, and let's begin! 


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