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Navigating Legalities with SunBelt: Understanding Mobile Home Ownership in Florida

Buying and owning a mobile home in Florida offers affordable living in friendly communities that often have fantastic amenities. But navigating the HOA rules, state regulations, and other legalities can be challenging if you're new to mobile home ownership. 

That's where SunBelt Homes Sales is your go-to resource. We have decades of experience in this specialized market and share certain legal aspects of mobile home ownership. 

Before buying a mobile home in the Sunshine State, it's crucial to understand Florida mobile home purchase laws and do your homework. Begin by checking public records on any home you wish to buy and studying mobile home zoning regulations in Florida to be sure the property complies with local requirements. It's also good to familiarize yourself with all statutes governing mobile home park laws and tenant rights. 

Manufactured Home Living: Statutes and Rules


There are specific safety requirements that mobile home residents must abide by, which outline mobile home safety standards, insurance requirements, mobile homeowners' association bylaws, the significance of a park prospectus, accessibility upgrade codes, and more. Studying these carefully will help you remain compliant while enjoying your mobile home lifestyle. 

What Is the Florida Mobile Home Act? 

The Florida Mobile Home Act (Chapter 723) contains guidelines for tenants and park owners regarding their rights and obligations. It regulates matters such as eviction laws for mobile homes and the processes for entering into rental agreements. 

Florida Mobile Home Laws FAQ 

Q. How do I transfer ownership of my mobile home in Florida? 

A. Mobile home transfer of ownership in Florida requires registration on the Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles website. 

Q. Are there any specific regulations for insurance and taxes? 

A. Possibly. Depending on the park prospectus of your chosen community, it is crucial to understand and comply with mobile home property taxes, typically pass-through taxes, any insurance requirements (including flood insurance), and any additional levies or costs. 

Q. What construction codes should I be aware of? 

A. Florida has applicable codes for mobile home skirting regulations, tie-down requirements, cooling systems, roof replacement permits, window safety standards, and plumbing inspections. 


Owning a Florida mobile home has countless benefits. However, it is vital to understand the legalities involved for a quality, stress-free experience. By studying Florida's mobile home laws and partnering with industry experts like SunBelt Home Sales, you can confidently enjoy your new mobile home in paradise. 

Need Help? Contact the Mobile Home Specialists at SunBelt 

Navigating the legalities of anything is tedious and complex, including home ownership in Florida. But SunBelt Home Sales is here to be your advocate and partner, guiding you through purchasing or selling your mobile home.  

We are diligent about what we do and stay current with all legal requirements and newly passed laws. We'll share our insider tips and tricks for first-time buyers and seasoned flippers. From purchase agreements to zoning permits, our comprehensive services will demystify the bureaucratic process, ensuring everything goes according to your schedule. 

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