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Outdoor Escapes: Creating Tranquil Spaces in Your Mobile Home's Exterior


The National Association of Realtors recently published the results of a poll about outdoor living trends. The top response was the desire for an outdoor gathering space with family and friends. If you live in a mobile home and would like the same as these respondents, read on. 

The mobile home living experts at SunBelt Home Sales have helped hundreds of clients create beautiful and functional outdoor spaces for mobile homes. Here's our guide to enhancing your outdoor living environment stylishly and affordably. 

Enhance Your Outdoor Living Spaces 

Mobile home outdoor living design ideas abound, offering a treasure trove of opportunities to live well outdoors. Affordable outdoor improvements for mobile homes might be a mobile home patio project or mobile home deck and porch enhancements. It could be a designated seating area surrounded by lush foliage for privacy. Creating a cozy outdoor space for your mobile home that successfully blends indoor and outdoor life without breaking the bank. 

Awesome Mobile Home Outdoor Space Ideas 

The best furniture for outdoor living is pieces with versatility and durability. Budget-friendly landscaping for mobile homes often includes low-maintenance greenery like ferns, small palms, and native plants. For mobile home outdoor entertainment ideas, consider a table for playing games, a small firepit for campfire-style cooking, or even a portable outdoor cinema.  

Top 5 Outdoor Living Trends 

Shade Sail Canopy 

These contemporary shade solutions add a touch of elegance and protection from the sun.  

Fire Pit on a Small Patio 

A small, contained fire element creates an enticing gathering spot for cozy evenings with friends. Add different seating options that are colorful as well as comfy. 

Trellis for Climbing Plants 

Climbing plants on your porch or patio instantly creates a tropical feel and adds visual interest. 

Screened Porch Ideas for Mobile Homes 

As well as providing protection from bugs and the elements, a screened porch is a place to be outside without all the sweltering. Add potted plants and a cozy sofa for neighbors to stop by and chat. 

Outdoor Lighting 

There's nothing like lighting to create an incredible ambiance and elevate your outdoor setting. Drape rope lights over deck railings or hang twinkle lights from trees near your patio. 


Incorporating personal touches and functional design allows you to transform your mobile home's outdoor space into a relaxing and enjoyable environment. Easy additions like a small patio or deck can be the starting point for enjoying the outdoors with family and friends. 

Want a Mobile Home with the Perfect Outdoor Space? Call Us! 

At SunBelt Home Sales, we're providing top-quality mobile homes that suit your lifestyle goals and budget. Our friendly team of seasoned professionals is here to assist you in finding your dream home. Our extensive selection of stunning mobile homes will have the ideal solution for your unique style and requirements. 

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