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Retirement, Florida and Manufactured Homes

I spent my youth growing up in a small Upstate New York town in the Finger Lakes. I remember the winters being so fun! I was always in the snow. We would toboggan, ski, skate, build snowmen, and play hockey on ice covered streets.

That was then, this is now. At age 55, I’ve had to leave those things behind, and I’m glad I did. No more big houses to clean, or kids to get off to school. I was fortunate to move to Florida in the Late 80’s and raised my family here. For people who built their life in another state, I can only imagine the difficulties and tasks of relocating.

SunBelt Homes Sales inc. represents some of Florida’s finest retirement areas. Places where you see people your own age, retired, having the time of their lives. It’s easy, hassle-free living. Whether you sold a large estate somewhere else or maybe looking for a Florida vacation home, finding a manufactured home community may be right for you.

That’s right I said community! Whether you're active and social, or neither, living in a community is safer and you can enjoy a feeling of contentment and security knowing your neighbors went through the same background and credit check you did!

Have you ever thought of buying a golf cart and driving through the community, waving to neighbors and friends on the way to the dock, with your grandkids, to catch fish?

You see, I was one of those grandkids! And we at SunBelt see this every day! Couples walking hand in hand around the communities in their 70’s, 80’s and 90’s! We see this too! Some swimming, some sweating it up on the treadmill and some lounging at the pool, soaking in the vitamin D! Yes!!! We see this every day. When will we see you??

It’s time to put the shovel down, take the snow brush out of your car, and head down to the most desired retirement area in the state – Beautiful Central Florida. Explore this great site for your dream home today and remember… “SunBelt Holds the Keys to your lifelong dreams!”


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