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Selling Your Manufactured Home: Furnished vs Unfurnished

Updated: Dec 3, 2021

There are 4 ways we sell homes. Unfurnished, Partially Furnished, Fully Furnished, and Turnkey.

Let’s look at what each one offers, then we can determine what’s best for you.


Pros - It is like a clean palate and the buyers can visualize their own stuff in the home or even better, they have an excuse to buy new furniture! It is also wise to sell a home unfurnished if your furniture is big and bulky in a small home. Clearing it out can make it look bigger.

Cons - It might be costly and time consuming to hire movers to move furniture that probably needs to be upgraded anyway.

Partially Furnished

Pros – Having a home partially furnished means you might leave a bed and a dresser… Maybe just a couch in the living room. There are no real pros in this scenario.

Cons - Partially furnished homes may look distressed. Incomplete. People may find it to be a hassle to remove the items you left. They may also find it costly as well.

Fully Furnished

Pros – Fully furnished home shows a complete furniture package only. This could be highly desirable to a person who is only staying in the home part time and from another state. It allows them to move and stay in the home immediately after closing. It also helps sell your home quicker as more people look for fully furnished or turnkey.

Cons – Unless your furniture is nearly new, don’t think you can price it into the home. Consider it more of a selling feature because monetarily, furniture depreciates fast. if it sells quicker, that could save you on your monthly expenses, keeping more money in your pocket!! If your furniture needs to be cleaned, that is a must because dirty ugly furniture could be a detriment to the sale.


Pros – Turnkey means you just hand the keys over – everything stays except personal items. In most cases furniture, electronics, sheets, towels, cleaning supplies plate ware, tools, shed items – this is a huge win if you’re selling like this! Buyers love to rummage thru years of stuff. To be clear, this is not clutter. This should be useful! I’ve seen so much left behind where basically someone just picks up where the other person ever left off! Here are some items we’ve seen left behind: Power tools and outdoor equipment, beautiful homemade quilts, costume jewelry, fully stocked liquor bar, tiki huts, electronics, electric scooters, and so much more.

Cons – There really are none. I am sure if I dig deep, I could find one or two, but selling a house turn key is most desirable.

Sell the way you need to sell but furnished and turn key homes should sell faster and for a tad bit more money.

1 comment

1 Comment

Jeronimo Sekiro
Jeronimo Sekiro
Aug 17, 2023

This article offers such a comprehensive take on a topic not often discussed in depth. Selling a manufactured home comes with its unique set of considerations, much like the broader challenge of deciding how to sell your home in any market. The choice between furnished and unfurnished can play a pivotal role in influencing prospective buyers. While a well-furnished space can help buyers visualize their potential life there, an unfurnished property gives them the freedom to imagine their own design. The pros and cons laid out here are invaluable. For homeowners wavering on how to showcase their manufactured home for the best market appeal, diving into this piece is a wise move!

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