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Selling Your Mobile Home in Florida: Insider Secrets That Get Top Dollar

The manufactured home market in Florida is a market all its own. Buyers act quickly when they find something they like and have been known to purchase a mobile home while vacationing in Florida because they love it here. However, they can choose from a lot of inventory on the market. If you want your home to stand out from the crowd and command top dollar, there are some tips you should follow.

The Best Moves to Make When Selling Your Mobile Home

Here are a few tips to get your home sold at the best price:

· Know what you have.

Most people who own a Florida mobile home don't know what they legally own. There is a difference between personal property and real property. Before selling, it's wise to know the difference.

Personal property can be moved from one location to another, like a boat, a car, or a motorcycle. Real property is attached to the land where it's located.

How your mobile home is classified determines how you're allowed to sell it and what kind of loan a potential buyer can get for the transaction. If your mobile home is personal property, you can immediately sell it for cash. But, if it's classified as real property, potential buyers may be able to get a mortgage.

· Don't skip the appraisal.

Even if you don't want to sell your mobile home, an appraisal can give you an exact picture of its condition. It also lets you know what it's worth and what you can do to increase the perceived value in the marketplace.

Hire an experienced appraiser who routinely appraises mobile homes. Their report will guide you through the next step.

· Fix, repair, and replace.

Before you list your mobile home, read the appraiser's report carefully and flag any items that need fixing or replacing. Only mobile home flippers want a handyman special, and they won't pay the price you're asking. Look at it like this: what would make you say no to your mobile home if you were a potential buyer?

The typical things savvy sellers do to get top dollar are replacing the roof, painting the exterior and interior, repairing siding or under skirting, replacing the flooring, buying new appliances, upgrading the electrical system, and replacing outdated plumbing.

· Set the stage.

Many buyers miss out on more money at closing by skipping this step. Staging can net you a lot more money because it increases the perceived value in buyers' eyes. It's also easier for them to picture themselves in a home that looks cozy and beautiful.

Start by getting rid of any shabby furniture. You can find quality items at thrift stores and furniture sales that won't break the bank. Next, remove clutter and hire a cleaning service to scrub it from top to bottom. Nothing is more off-putting to a buyer than a messy, dirty home.

Now it's time to depersonalize your home by hiding or storing family photos, souvenirs, and other sentimental trinkets.

Find those pretty vases you never use and fill them with colorful, fragrant flowers. House plants in attractive pots also add life to the space.

Arrange the furniture to inspire thoughts of relaxation. Make a cozy seating area by the window and add a throw and a good book. Move the living room furniture to create a conversation area with a vintage rolling bar nearby. The main idea is to allow buyers to envision a life there.

Installing or renewing landscaping your mobile home is another excellent way to make a good impression. This can be planting flowers or flowering bushes, adding a stone walkway, or installing a privacy fence around a patio.

Try these landscaping tips for maximum impact:

- Choose plants native to Florida. They'll require less care and thrive with

adequate watering.

- Plant tall and short plants together to create an exciting mix.

- Adding a new walkway with concrete or pavers and lining it with solar-

powered lights show attention to detail. Create a relaxing patio area with

chairs and bright potted flowers if you have the yard space.

· Be competitive with your listing price.

To sell your home fast, the price has to be spot on. If you price it too high, you automatically put expectations in the minds of buyers that your home might not meet, and less expensive homes like yours will get more attention. However, you can't price it too low, or buyers will think there may be a problem. You'll also be losing out on hundreds or thousands of dollars.

The surest way to find the perfect listing price is to compare your home with similar ones in the area that recently sold. A mobile home sales specialist can help you find the pricing sweet spot.

· Spend time marketing

Once your home is priced competitively, it's time to start marketing it. Exploit every opportunity available to you: friends, family, neighbors, yard signs, and social media marketplaces.

One significant advantage of working with a mobile home sales specialist is the list of ready buyers already in their system. The sales specialist will inform them about your home as soon as the listing goes live.

· You'll have to negotiate.

Let's say you get a cash offer within the first week of your listing. But it's a few thousand less than your asking price. You need to be open to such offers and make a counteroffer.

This is another situation where a sales specialist can help. They negotiate for you and let you know when an offer should be dismissed. In other words, they have your back.


These tips can increase your chances of getting the best price for your mobile home in Florida. Be sure to find out the actual condition of your home and fix anything in disrepair. Replace anything too old to fix. Shine up your house with paint and some new landscaping, declutter, and depersonalize so potential buyers can imagine themselves living there.

Once your home is ready to sell, price it wisely and within market range. Consulting a home sales specialist about the perfect sale price can give you an edge over competing homes already on the market.

If you need help figuring out where to start, talk to a mobile home sales specialist who can advise you or do the task.

Does Selling Your Mobile Home By Yourself Sound Exhausting? We'll Take It From Here!

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