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Sunbelt Home Sales Expert Advice: Manufactured Homes for Hurricane-Resistant Living in Florida

Living in Florida means protecting your home from hurricanes is a priority. While some may assume that manufactured homes are unsafe in severe weather, that's not necessarily true. Manufactured homes built after establishing HUD Codes and Fortified Certification are designed to be hurricane-safe. A study published by confirmed that no homes manufactured after HUD Codes were established suffered severe damage.

At SunBelt Home Sales, we have expertise in locating the best Florida homes for hurricane protection. We want to emphasize how choosing a hurricane-resistant manufactured home can provide safety and peace of mind during hurricane season.

Why Choose a Hurricane-Resistant Manufactured Home?

It's not just about protecting your property but also about ensuring the safety of those living there. Storm-ready manufactured homes have significantly improved over the years to withstand hurricane-force winds and minimize damage from storm surges. By opting for a stylish yet secure Florida living experience in these homes, you can ensure your dream home doesn't become a nightmare during storm season.

Modern Modular and Manufactured Homes Are Safe

Manufactured homes have become safer due to advancements in construction materials and techniques. These factory-built homes utilize steel frames and reinforced walls to ensure their integrity during high-wind events. Specifically designed for areas vulnerable to hurricanes, these factory-made mobile homes often include features like impact-resistant windows and doors, roof tie-downs, and hurricane straps to provide maximum security during extreme weather conditions.

Fortified Certification Explained

Home buyers worried about hurricane preparedness should know about Fortified Certification – a rating system that signifies a home's resilience against natural disasters, including hurricanes. By choosing a Fortified Certified house, you invest in better hurricane safety for your family.

HUD Codes for Manufactured Homes

Compact storm-ready manufactured homes adhere to the HUD codes for wind load resistance; these codes were updated after Hurricane Andrew in 1992. The strict federal regulations ensure manufactured homes meet the specific needs of hurricane-prone areas like Florida. With these codes in place, you can confidently believe your manufactured home is built with hurricane safety in mind.


Opting for a manufactured home that can withstand hurricanes ensures the safety of your loved ones and property during Florida's hurricane season. With the guidance of a specialist in mobile home sales, you can enjoy the perks of living along Florida's coastline without worrying about the risks associated with weather hazards.

Have More Questions? Call the Mobile Home Sales Specialists at SunBelt!

We are your trusted choice for finding hurricane-resistant manufactured homes in Florida. Our dedicated team understands the apprehension of residing in an area prone to extreme weather events. Our mission is to assist you in finding a home that is built to withstand the challenging Florida weather.

By partnering with SunBelt Home Sales, you'll invest in a durable manufactured home and ensure peace of mind and security. This allows you to enjoy Florida's breathtaking beaches and warm climate without agonizing over the potential for hurricane damage.

Collaborating with us grants you access to various floor plans and design options tailored to your preferences.

Our reliable partnerships with manufacturers guarantee that each home we show you is built to the highest standards, ensuring the safety and security of your family during hurricane season.

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