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SunBelt's Guide to Florida Relocation: Embracing Mobile Home Living

According to Forbes, 319,000 people moved to Florida in 2022. Florida remains the top relocation destination in the United States. It’s not hard to understand the attraction with our beautiful climate, award-winning beaches, and thriving nature parks. Many new residents will opt for traditional homes, but we argue that a mobile home offers much more for seniors or families on a budget. Mobile homes are the affordable, eco-friendly way to enjoy everything the Sunshine State offers. 

If you’re planning a relocation to Florida, the mobile home experts at SunBelt can help you find a beautiful manufactured home in a neighborhood ideal for your needs. Read on to discover the benefits of choosing a Florida mobile home instead of a traditional house. 

Mobile Homes vs Traditional Homes 

Traditional houses may have more square footage and yards, but they always come with larger price tags for purchase and maintenance and a 30-year mortgage.  

Mobile home prices are accessible for most, even if you don’t have a stellar credit score. They cost less in upkeep, have easy-to-maintain designs, and handicap accessible options. Overall expenditures for mobile homes make them the perfect choice for budget-conscious families and retirees. 

5 Reasons to Choose a Mobile Home 

Low Taxes 

Less tax and lower living expenses make mobile homes an attractive alternative without sacrificing style or comfort.  

Warm Weather  

Year-round outdoor activities and access to famous beaches and attractions mean an active lifestyle at an affordable price. 

Custom Mobile Home Design in Florida  

Most builders allow you to create your space uniquely, while renovation options for existing mobile homes are eminently affordable for most. 

Modern Hurricane-Proof Mobile Homes  

Safety is one of the top concerns for people considering a mobile home over a traditional house. Building codes and regulations ensure safety during Florida’s storm season. 

Lifestyle Options 

Various mobile home communities cater to different lifestyles, like senior living mobile home communities and family-friendly mobile home parks in Florida. Those who want peace and quiet opt for a 55+ community, while socially active types choose vibrant parks with planned activities. 

Things You Need to Know Before Moving to a Mobile Home Community in Florida 

Before making a final decision, research various community and lifestyle options. Pay close attention to community amenities, park rules, HOA participation requirements, local laws, traffic patterns, and available amenities like shopping, restaurants, and medical care.  

Quick Guide to Buying a Mobile Home in Florida 

Set your budget and explore mobile home financing options.  

Get familiar with local regulations. 

Choose the right community for your needs (senior living, family-friendly, etc.) 

Browse luxury mobile homes in Florida if exclusivity and comfort are your goals. 

Work with a SunBelt mobile home specialist to help you make the best decision. 


Mobile home living in Florida offers budget-friendly options, simple customization, a wide variety of community amenities, and a thriving lifestyle. Research several options and locations to find a mobile home suitable for your preferences and needs. 

Ready to Relocate? Call the Mobile Home Specialists at SunBelt Home Sales 

Our Florida mobile home relocation services are designed to help you quickly navigate the buying process. Let our decades of expertise in this fast-paced niche market give you the home-buying advantage to find your ideal Florida mobile home. 

The SunBelt Home Sales team of seasoned professionals can assist you with every aspect of your transition, ensuring a smooth, stress-free move. 

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Our friendly team is waiting to assist you with more details about our services or to schedule an initial meeting. Contact us today, and let’s find your new home in Florida’s sunny paradise!


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