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Florida Manufactured Homes

Updated: Nov 30, 2021

Millions of Americans live in mobile or manufactured homes, 22 million to be exact. Mobile home sales account for around 10% of total home sales in the country, and with good reason. The stigma of living in so-called “trailer parks” has vanished, partly due to the tiny home craze that swept the country these past few years. People realized that the humble trailer was in fact the first tiny home.

With housing prices climbing all around the country, and especially in Florida where 4000 people relocate to every day, mobile homes are proving to be a wise choice for many.

Why Consider New & Used Mobile Homes?

As a single-family dwelling, mobile home sales are increasing. With housing markets exploding, people are looking for more affordable, sensible alternatives. But the advantages go beyond just saving money on a place to live: Here is why buying a manufactured home in Florida may benifit you.

Affordable Luxury – While manufactured homes often conjure up visions of run-down metal boxes for some, the truth is quite the opposite. These well-constructed homes are designed with modern amenities and sensibilities. They are also less expensive to maintain and repair than traditional homes.

Financing – If your credit rating isn’t 800, you’re not alone. Many people have suffered through market crashes, unemployment, and Covid-related job sabbaticals. Financing a manufactured home is much easier than a traditional home. The difference per square foot is substantial. Mobile homes cost approximately $49 per square foot while traditional homes cost around $107. HOA and lot fees are also less expensive than renting a condo or apartment.

Earth-Friendly – With government codes for mobile homes being tightened in 1976, homes built after this time have a much better energy efficiency. Building codes require that manufactured homes have upgraded insulation in walls and underneath the structure, commonly called a “belly wrap.” Add to this insulated windows and skirting as well as on-demand water heaters and you’re well on your way to not only saving money on energy bills but you’re also helping the environment. Even building new mobile homes requires less energy than building a traditional home as the process is much faster.

Living Simply – many home shoppers have grown tired of working to own things and are looking to live more simply. They want less economic pressure and more experiences. Mobile homes are a perfect option if you are looking to save on monthly expenses and instead use that money for travel or hobbies. Also, there is generally less storage space in a manufactured home which nudges you to get rid of useless possessions that used to fill up rooms you never really used. Social Life – Living in mobile home communities provides two advantages: a private living space with no connected walls and neighbors nearby. You can have your cake and eat it too when you live in a mobile home park. You have a completely separate living space to decorate however you like, and still enjoy a sense of belonging in the community.

To sum up, there are many advantages to mobile home living like saving money, protecting the environment, downsizing to what’s important, and enjoying a relaxed social life.

If this has peeked your interest and you’d like to see different types of manufactured homes for sale or RV Parks, contact us today. We’ll find the perfect option for you!


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