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Wheels or Foundation: Understanding the Mobile Home Setup Options

If you’re looking for a mobile home in Florida, it’s important to understand the different mobile home foundation options and the requirements for changing them.  

SunBelt Home Sales has unmatched expertise in the Florida mobile home market, guiding homeowners through each step of the process. Deciding whether a home on wheels or a permanent foundation is right for you can be confusing. Read on as we share valuable information about longevity, stability, regulations, and cost. 

Types of Mobile Home Foundations 

As you view various properties, you’ll encounter several types of mobile home foundations, each with pros and cons. The most common types for manufactured homes are slabs, known for durability, and pier and beam systems, which Shield Guard Inspections calls the most favored system.  

A slab foundation is permanent and poured into a concrete mold. Piere and beam systems involve putting supportive piers under the home frame. 

You will also see countless mobile homes on wheels, skirting around the bottom. These are typically in mobile home communities where lots are rented, not owned. 

What Type of Foundation Is Best for a Mobile Home? 

Before choosing your foundation, consider the topography, climate, and personal mobility needs. A pier and beam system is best if your property is flooded. If you wish to convert your mobile home into real property, either you own the land or you’ve been offered a chance to own your lot, then a slab may be required by local codes to meet mortgage criteria. 

Can You Place a Long-Term Foundation Under a Mobile Home? 

If owning both the land and the home is possible, then you absolutely can. A permanent foundation establishes your manufactured or mobile home as real property in Florida. The conversion to a permanent foundation will increase the value of your investment and appeal to potential buyers in the future. 

Mobile Home Wheel Removal Process 

Transitioning from a wheelbase to a permanent foundation requires inspecting the wheels for safety and rust and assessing the home’s structural integrity. If all is clear, professional contractors complete the wheel removal and prep your home for its new foundation, all while complying with local guideline requirements for converting a mobile home. 

Maintaining a Mobile Home Foundation 

It is wise to regularly inspect your slab or pier and beam foundation for cracks, shifting soil, or other issues that could violate regulations or affect stability. If any problems are found, your foundation contractor will make the necessary repairs or adjustments for your home to remain compliant. 


Opting for a permanent foundation for your mobile home requires owning the land and the residence, having a structurally secure unit, and following local regulations surrounding manufactured or mobile homes. To protect your investment in the long term, decide after consulting with a mobile home specialist or foundation contractor. 

Still, Have Questions? Call the Mobile Home Specialists at SunBelt 

Our team has the in-depth knowledge and experience to advise you on your mobile home setup, whether a wheelbase, slab, or pier and beam option. If you’re buying new or wish to convert setup types, our expertise is here to help you make the right choice for your goals and lifestyle.  

Once you’ve purchased your home and it rests on your preferred foundation, we are also here to help you transition seamlessly to the mobile home lifestyle. No one knows Florida mobile homes like the SunBelt Home Sales team! 

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