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Why Choose SunBelt Over a Real Estate Agent

Let me ask, would you go to a FOOT DOCTOR for a HEART PROBLEM?? Of course not! Then why do some people go to a realtor to sell their manufactured home on leased land? It boggles the mind, let me explain why.

A Realtor are licensed to sell real property, anything which includes land ownership. Mainly they sell residential or commercial property. Since real estate listings have become harder to get, we find real estate signs once in a while in manufactured home communities.

Realtors tend to lack the knowledge about manufactured homes and the industry. They aren't experienced when it comes to understanding how these homes are built, how they are set and a lot of the time, how they close. It could get messy.

Also, a Realtor works for a Broker, but that license does not work in manufactured home communities. The Broker would have to be a Dealer as well. Most don’t know this and are breaking the law. They must work under a Dealer to sell in a manufactured home community.

Ok, so let’s say your Realtor has a Dealer’s license too, but are they the right person for the job? No!! Let me tell you why. They don’t specialize in manufactured homes, so they don’t care. Manufactured home commissions are small in comparison to what a Realtor could make selling a 200k home at 6%. That would be $12,000 in commission for a Realtor. Human nature says that a Realtor would be tempted to talk the buyer out of buying your home for $25,000 that carries a $600 lot rent. He will start showing them what he could get them on land with a $600, $700, or $800 mortgage payment, so they can make more commission.

At Sunbelt, we know our commissions are small. That’s why we have to sell a lot and fast. We specialize in land leased communities. Call Sunbelt and have an experienced manufactured home specialist list your home today and say NO to Realtors!


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