Recognizing Quality New Manufactured Homes

Updated: Oct 12

Getting a great price on a Mobile, Manufactured, or Modular Home, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re getting a great deal. Also, feeling like you paid too much doesn’t always mean you got ripped off. Everything is relevant. It’s not about value for price paid, it’s about quality for price paid. So why is one Factory Home Builder 30k more expensive for a similar looking home, with the same square footage, colors and similarities? It’s in the bones baby and how you choose to dress it! Here are some signs of quality to look for.

First, research the builder. Look for years in business, awards, and online reviews. You may be surprised what you find.

Next, look for a home built with 2x6 side walls and 2x8 floor Joist. Quality builders don’t build homes with 2x4 sidewalls. That should be a red flag. Often those homes are built with such less quality, marrying the two sides to make it a doublewide become difficult because, well… they just don’t line up.

Next, ask to see the spec sheet. This is the detail sheet of everything that comes with the home. You will find the size and type of lumber used, type of windows, doors, everything that comes standard in your home, as well as the upgrades you’ve chosen in your home.

Finally, look for an experienced Dealer in your area. It’s important the dealer is geographically desirable to the project. Dealing with local building departments become difficult and a familiar face can get things done.

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