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The New Home Scam

Recently, we have received phone calls from people who put a deposits down on a new home builds, and aren’t getting their questions answered or even a call back and they seem to have concern. After chatting with them for a bit, We figured out what the problem is and they were in awe. We don’t like it either, so heade this warning!

Here is an example. If you wanted to buy a brand new vehicle and the factory was in Michigan, do you think you could go up to the factory and just pick one up or just order one there at a better price ? Maybe a factory direct price ? That won’t happen. You would have to buy that vehicle through the appropriate dealership, like Chevy or Ford. When you are buying a new Manufactured or Modular home the same idea applies. You buy through a dealer. But what if the Dealer’s name and the factory name is similar? Maybe on purpose!!??! So the general public may think they are buying factory direct and getting factory direct pricing when they are not. The public is mislead, and lied to and their deposit is tied up. Don’t let this happen to you! We won’t let it. At SunBelt Home Sales,

we are not the factory. We represent YOU, and there are no additional fees or different pricing to do so ! Someone will always be there to answers your question. We are happy to show you references , good reviews and decades of experience. When you do your homework, your first call should be to Sunbelt for answers to all your new home and financing options and questions. Call us whenever you need us.


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