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Safety First with SunBelt: Emergency Preparedness in Mobile Homes recommends that mobile home residents develop a disaster preparedness plan, as many of the precautions recommended for manufactured homes take time to implement. 

At SunBelt Home Sales, we value the importance of safety and security in your mobile home. With decades of experience in the mobile home industry, we meticulously research every mobile home we list to ensure it can handle natural disasters. Read on to learn our essential tips for disaster planning and mobile home safety tactics so you can enjoy mobile home living free from worry. 

Survive a Disaster in a Mobile Home 

As responsible specialists in our industry, we consider several emergency preparedness features in the mobile homes we list. These include whether the house can be secured in severe weather, whether there are any fire safety measures in place, whether there is flood preparedness, and whether there is the ability to prevent and handle power outages. We educate our buyers on crucial safety practices unique to mobile homes and offer important emergency readiness tips.   

Make a Plan for Manufactured Homes 

It is highly recommended for mobile home residents to have an emergency evacuation plan in place for extreme situations. Escape routes, emergency communications, emergency lighting, and meeting points are things to consider. Update your plan regularly and prepare an emergency kit for your pets.  

Mobile Home Emergency Kit Checklist 

A comprehensive emergency kit should include the following:  

  • First-Aid Supplies 

  • Emergency Lighting (flashlights and extra batteries) 

  • Weather Radio 

  • Non-Perishable Food and Water for 3 Days 

  • Cell Phone Chargers and Portable Packs 

  • Blankets 

  • Fire Extinguisher 

  • Medication (for you and your pets) 

  • Important Documents (insurance policies, IDs, etc.) 

After assembling these items, take these steps to protect your home:  

Check your Insurance Coverage 

Review what types of disasters your policy covers and update if needed. 

Check and Update the Tie-Down System 

Your mobile home should be secured to the ground, and the tie-downs must be free of cuts or weak spots. 

Turn Off Water and Fuel Lines Before a Storm 

Leaks or ruptures during severe weather can spell disaster. 

Secure the Area Around the Home 

Remove loose debris, patio furniture, and unsecured lawn equipment, all potential hazards in high winds. 

Have Your Evacuation Plan Ready 

Please get familiar with the plan and practice it with your family. 

Prepare a DIY Mobile Home Emergency Shelter 

Mobile homeowners can create a makeshift emergency shelter inside the home as a last resort. Create a safe room by moving heavy furniture against walls and ceiling. When disaster strikes, confine yourself to this area for extra protection.  

Emergency Readiness for Pets 

Having protection for your pets in extreme situations is essential. Prepare an emergency kit that includes food, water, medications, treats, a leash, a carrier, ID tags, and photos of them in case they go missing. 


Taking proactive steps for your safety ahead of any dire situation is paramount for mobile homeowners. Create a comprehensive emergency preparedness plan that includes securing the home and outside area, planning an eventual evacuation, and assembling an emergency kit. 

Find Your Storm-Ready Mobile Home with SunBelt 

SunBelt Home Sales has in-depth knowledge of mobile home disaster preparedness and educates our clients on safety with practical tips. We share our wealth of information to give our clients peace of mind as they enjoy Florida mobile home living. 

We inform potential buyers of safety measures already in place on homes we list and provide instructions on enhancing storm readiness. We can also refer our buyers to valuable resources to better prepare their homes for any dire situation. We can do the same for you! 

Contact Us 

Explore our vast range of beautiful Florida mobile homes for sale today! Contact our friendly team for more information or to schedule a tour. There’s never been a better time to experience the affordability and safety of mobile home living. Call now!  



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